Master The 8 Steps to Predictable Business Growth
...and begin crafting your personal plan for success in just 2-3 hours. 

How Will This 3 Hour Session Benefit Your Business?
During this session, we:
Understand The Fundamentals Of The Customer Value Journey
Experience the eye-opening epiphany that comes with understanding the eight steps that every customer takes from being a total stranger to a raving fan, explained and supported by human psychology and sociology.
Know Your Business Like Never Before
You’ll never look at your business the same way again after we analyze your business in relation to the Customer Value Journey. We’ll identify your biggest strengths, as well as areas for improvement in your overall marketing plan.
Identify Lucrative Opportunities
During our in-depth analysis of your marketing, we’ll identify high-impact opportunities to promote predictable long-term business growth, as well as low-hanging fruit ripe for the picking immediately.
Hone Your Message-To-Market Match
Gain insight into how your best customers view your brand, and how to adapt your message to reach and resonate with others just like them. We’ll paint a crystal-clear image of your target audience, and show you how to speak to their needs, desires, and goals. 
Learn To Market With A Purpose
Say goodbye to “spray and pray” marketing plans that lack focus and fail to impact your bottom line. You’ll learn how to establish full sales funnels that capture the attention of new prospects and convert them into loyal customers.
Start Creating Your Roadmap To Growth
In just 2-3 hours, you’ll leave our office armed with the knowledge to create an actionable plan for predictable, sustainable business growth.
We have some questions for you...
  •   Is your business guilty of “asking strangers to marry you,” by pitching your core offer to brand new prospects?
  •   Is your business looking for an edge over local competition?
  •   Do you provide exceptional services and products, but don’t feel the love when you look at annual growth numbers?
  •   Are you overwhelmed by the number of options and decisions involved in creating an effective marketing plan?
  •   Would you like to partner with marketing experts to add clarity and coordination to your marketing strategy, resulting in new customers, more revenue, and predictable growth for your business?
If You Answered "YES" To Any Of These Questions, 
You Need To Register For Our Customer Value Journey Session
How Does The Process Work?
FIRST: You schedule a time for your session that works for you. These sessions involve extremely thorough discussion of your business and marketing efforts, so be sure to make room in your day for 2-3 hours. 
AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR SESSION: We review scientific research on human relationships and decision making, as well as how it applies to the customer journey that all of your customers take.
NEXT: We analyze your existing marketing efforts within the context of the 8-stage customer journey. We’ll identify fundamental strengths for your business to build upon, as well as new opportunities to increase customer acquisition and retention.
AT THE CLOSE OF YOUR SESSION:  You'll leave with a complete understanding of your business, your marketing plan, your customers, and the opportunities available to you from the moment you leave our office. Should you wish for us to help you with creating and executing your plan, we can discuss the next steps available to you. 

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Meet Your Growth Experts
Dan Starnes
Dan Starnes is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and the founder and president of a 3x INC. 5000 company, Starnes Media. Started from a $10 investment in a failing community newspaper, Starnes Media consists of Starnes Publishing which publishes seven award-winning community newspapers, a magazine division and a full-service digital agency, Starnes Digital. Outside of family life, Dan’s passion is growing small businesses and finding efficiencies while doing so. He believes that a proactive and systematic approach will allow almost any business to thrive. He’s also a passionate believer that the best products and services should win in the marketplace.
Alison Grizzle
Dr. Alison Grizzle is the founder of Clearview Strategy Partners and serves as director of organizational development for Starnes Media. Alison leads the Starnes Media team in the development and implementation of organizational processes and project management. Alison works with clients in various industries facilitating conversations among members of leadership around company vision, strategy and performance evaluation. She is recognized for her expertise in facilitation of professional learning and has accomplishments in leadership development, team dynamics, and strategic planning. 
 Alison, the 2013-2014 Alabama Teacher of the Year, is a graduate of both Leadership Birmingham and Momentum Women’s Leadership. Alison serves on several non-profit boards that focus on creating opportunities for youth in the Birmingham area – Birmingham Education Foundation, Youth Serve and Girls Inc. of Central Alabama.

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